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Mandar Karanjkar

Mandar is an online communication expert and has been working over web for past 6 years. Being a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from CoEP, one of the most reputed engineering colleges in India, Mandar has fine understanding of engineering and technology sector.

Mandar is a blogger, author, trained classical vocalist, flute player as well as a celebrated speaker.

Mandar has extensively studied Indian philosophy and spirituality. He also experiments with applying Indian spiritual wisdom to corporate practices.

Seed Shower
Dakshayani Athalye

Dakshayani is a law graduate and post graduate in Education with 5 years of experience of working in the field of education and social work. Her experience has been varied from being a School Teacher, HR Associate to working as a freelance professor/trainer.

Her work ethics are based in Indian philosophy as she has been trained to perform Kirtan's and Pravachan's (traditional Indian art of story telling) and is an avid reader of Indian Mythology, philosophy and Indian Classical Music.

She is a gardener and cat lover.