Development is the cornerstone of being human. We constantly learn and become better than who we are. We learn consciously or even unconsciously. Sometimes we learn because of a need, while sometimes just because of the joy of learning. As an organization we are constantly worried about how our people will learn better and deliver better.

Steal from others! We mean, if you see someone doing the right things, join and don’t be stuck on being different. Learning from what others do is the wisest step that anyone can take. Sometimes there is no need to make mistakes and invent solutions. There are ample of mistakes and solutions around which can guide us to improve.
However learning is not easy. Even if you have to copy others, you need to be twice smarter and brighter to catch mistakes and implement available solutions by adapting it to your needs.

Seed Shower is your partner who identifies mistakes and solutions which you can implement. We help you to be better equipped human beings who can handle the challenges of 21st Century.
Well, what do we exactly offer? Here are a few of our offerings. Please write us at dakshayani[at]seedshower[dot]com if you need a customized solution.
Training Modules
Team Learning Retreats
Team step-backs and reflection